Global Star Ltd, incepted in 2001 was a Bangladeshi-based Overseas Educational Consultancy, dedicated to providing the best solutions for students from Bangladesh for study abroad from Bangladesh.  Global Star Ltd is one of the Leading Overseas Educational Consultants, known for providing the best advice and guidance to Bangladeshi students. Students can take admitted to the top educational centers across the globe which include the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Poland, India, China, and Malaysia with Global Star Ltd. Because education is the most important factor in determining the future of students and we ensure that it was the correct choice for every Student. With the relevant information we provide, we can offer the most effective study abroad for educational, cultural, and financial solutions for students, graduates, and students who are interested. We offer total assistance with Course counseling, Country/University selection as well as scholarships, education loans, and orientations prior to departure. From filling out forms to fee submission, from the idea of studying abroad until the day you leave – we are able to assist you with every step. The study abroad With a Scholarship is the best way to lower the overall cost of international education. One of the most common misconceptions of students is that there aren’t any scholarships for international students. Universities and government agencies all over the world are interested in high-performance students and offer many scholarships that are designed to draw the most brilliant and top minds within their respective countries. Our counselors will assist you to find how to apply for scholarships to universities abroad.

Why Study abroad from Bangladesh

Thousands of students study abroad from Bangladesh go abroad to study every year. In many undergraduate semesters, the semester starts in August-September and the admission process starts in February-March. Jannatul Ferdousi, who passed HSC this year, told BBC Bangla, “I have been admitted to a private university in Bangladesh. But I want to study at a foreign university. Because if you combine some of the money you need to study privately here, you will have to spend money to study abroad. He has started preparations considering a few countries. He has also contacted universities in several countries through the internet. Which country do students want to go to? Jannatul Ferdousi’s interest in Canada. “I have heard that the Canadian environment is very good. Although it is a little cold, there is a good future at the end of the study. That’s why I place so much importance on Canada. ” A number of non-governmental organizations help students to study abroad. Those who assist in the visa process, start by contacting the university for a certain amount of money. Obaidur Rahman, chief executive of Global Star ltd Consultancy, one such organization, told the BBC: “Now for students who want to study abroad, their first choice is Canada or India. Many also want to visit the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Germany, and Eastern European countries. “

Best Countries for Study In Higher Education

Even though the past patterns show the Best countries to study abroad With Scholarships, such as Canada, the USA, India, and China as the most popular destinations which attract the greatest amount of Every year, international students go abroad. views of the young have placed nations mostly of Asia with less developed, but promising economies as top nations to send students to. The Best Countries to Study  Abroad With Scholarship depending on the ranking is the result of an international survey of opinions and assesses nations based on their scores, which are derived by five weighted aspects of a country, including being culturally accessible, pleasant, and offering a range of cultural offerings. I would like to attend the campus there, and a nation with an excellent education. More than 6,500 adults with an age of 35 or less, took part in surveys to decide the 2021 Best Countries rankings. Here are five of the most desirable countries to study abroad, as per students across the globe.

Higher education in Canada

Education in Canada is a reality to Bangladeshi students. Since the Bangladeshi population is much smaller than Canada and they require lots of human resources. Hence, the government provides them with plenty of chances to be permanent once they have completed their studies. In addition, there are opportunities to take part-time jobs while studying in Canada. It is however impossible to have an hourly job to go to school? How much will it take to get to Canada? Which province is the best for studying, how much is living? These are only a few of the objectives to be set. shareware which you can utilize. If not, you could be in danger after traveling to Canada. Therefore, you should go to Canada be aware before you travel.

Study in UK 

Are you interested in pursuing a degree at a university in the UK? Do you have a lot of questions regarding the process? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with all your queries. We’re here to help you use your skills to gain a UK Student Visa. There is a way to apply for post-graduation directly to the Study in UK without the need for IELTS. The processing time is just two months. Come to our office now to achieve your goal. Contact us at the number below. We’ll give you the exact Students Visa Info, Financial Guidance Statement of The Purpose, Application Submission Method as well as study in UK the Scholarship for 2021.

Study in Australia 

In within the Oceania zone located in Southeast Asia, with more than twelve thousand beaches. an economically vibrant sports It is a country that is among the most sought-after destinations for students in the early years. In addition, it is among the top in regards to research, education quality of life and living. study in Australia is thought of as to be one of the peaceful nations on the planet. This is the reason why each year, more than seven to eight million students coming from all regions of the globe migrate to Australia. While the higher education system in Australia is costly but you are able to go to the island nation by securing the aid of a grant.

Study in Malaysia

 Malaysia is among the most affordable countries to study and stay in. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is classified as one of the cities with the lowest cost in for the category of Best Students Cities category. The quality that higher learning institutions offer of higher education in Malaysia is extremely high. After having completed your studies in Malaysia you have the possibility to travel to any country around the world to find a job or continue your education. Computer Science and Engineering in Malaysia, MBBS, BBA, MBA. There are many opportunities to pursue studies in nearly every department such as Ph.D. Higher Education and Scholarships in Malaysia Information.

Study in China for Higher Education

There are many universities to choose from. the universities in the range of 1 to 500 degrees in China and the cost of living in China is comparable to the cost of living in Bangladesh. If you decide to Study in China, you can study the Chinese language, as well as Chinese food and culture which can be of great help later on in life. Chinese culture and language are crucial to the future of our world. If you’re familiar with Chinese languages, you can work with huge Chinese firms and Bangladesh is also home to numerous Chinese firms as well as Chinese investors and Chinese officials. If you’re familiar with Chinese you can work with Chinese companies or work with them. Be able to do business.

Higher education In India

According to the latest statistics, India is the second-largest Indian higher education system in the world with about 45,000 colleges and 950 universities. So far, students from around 150 countries in South Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East have received higher education under the Study in India program. It is believed that the Indian government has set up special scholarships specifically for Bangladeshi students. There are also only a few scholarships available at private universities. However, there are partial scholarships if you achieve satisfactory outcomes. However, the cost of these institutions is significantly lower than in Europe and America. Furthermore food prices are significantly lower than in other countries.

Why take higher education in abroad?

If you are thinking about the expense there is no better choice than the state-run university in the country. What is the reason you would like to go to a foreign university? Because people who are focused on the quality of education as well as employment and a safe environment are looking to be accepted to the foreign universities. The foreign universities are usually free of student politics , and the food quality is superior. The quality of education is high. The top universities around the globe are within America, England, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands. Additionally, they are located in developed countries such as Finland, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Scotland, Belgium, Malaysia, China, India. If you’re in the financial stability, then the best option for investment is to pursue a degree and study in a foreign country. If you are awarded the opportunity to receive a award of a scholarship.

How to get a student visa abroad?

If you are planning to attend a well-known university located in Canada. Your first step is to make yourself prepared to university. This is not to say you should be prepared as the sole way to get excellent outcomes. However, the country you are considering for higher education must be aware of the socio-economic conditions and the overall condition of its country. Additionally, you must learn how to adapt to the culture of the institution or country involved. The offer letter is issued by the university concerned that gives you the initial approval to be admitted. Each student must go through the offer letter issued by the university repeatedly and repeatedly. Know the exact cost of tuition and other details.

Student Visa Checklist:

If you are planning to travel to another country for higher education, make sure you’ve completed these requirements. If not then you could be at risk. Then, read the next section attentively.
Learn to speak English.  If you are planning to travel for a trip to China, Japan, Germany, France, it is best to master the language of the country. Preparing for your GRE or SAT and GMAT, or TOFEL If required.

All academic qualifications must be written in English.
It is imperative to ensure that there are no issues with the passport. The passport must be machine-readable. passport.
Give the price of the school you would like to attend. If the university’s authorities decide that it’s not possible for the pupil to cover the cost, The visa won’t be then matched.
If you’re planning to go through the process with an educational consultancy firm, you must first learn about them

What to do to get a scholarship?

Scholarships require precise results, language abilities, timely making plans and incessant efforts. These are the stipulations for getting a better training scholarship overseas. Scholarships will be effortlessly accessible if these troubles are accompanied well. Otherwise you need to paintings in useless. Then the golden deer referred to as scholarship will now not be stuck anymore. It have to be saved in mind that the student who’s eligible for scholarship within the usa is also eligible for scholarship overseas. Results are awful for college students who do now not have right capabilities in English however are much less probable to get a complete scholarship.

What does language skills look like?

After that every one you want is language skills. Since English is the primary language of America, Canada, England, Australia and so forth., you need to be gifted in English. Since almost all the nations of the world should take a look at their own language or the international language English. Thus linguistic abilities are required for higher schooling abroad. As an international language, English can be taught in nearly all international locations of the arena. Therefore, students interested in pursuing higher studies abroad want to have scalability in English. Even on this united states of America, nearly all subjects need to be examine and written in English. Different ranges of scores are required in different instructional establishments. However, most IELTS rankings variety from 5.5 to 7.Five. And the TOEFL rating levels from 80 to a hundred. Also in some instances GRE Graduate Record Examination, GMAT , Graduate Management Admission Test, NEWSAT , and many others. Are required.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

The amount of money you want to get a higher education abroad, make sure at the outset that your own family can come up with the money for it. Also, if someone else bears your expenses, make certain you have got a blood relationship with them. Because, the visa office officer desires the pupil to have a blood dating with the one who bears the price of training. And each financial institution has to put up bank solvency certificates as evidence of economic solvency. Which  is to be received from the worried financial institution. Medical certificates are also required to be issued as in line with the commands of the embassy.

Study abroad with job

Do you have the opportunity to study abroad with job then  as well as work part time? Part-time work is available for students in almost every country in the world. This facility is very necessary for the students of the country like us. Universities and colleges in those countries have the facility to work 20 hours a week (on an hourly basis). This facility provides a large portion of the cost of education to the students. He will find a way to take advantage of these as soon as he leaves the country.

How to choose the right course?

Course choice is very essential in all better applications, inclusive of graduate, postgraduate and PhD levels . In the present day technology of globalization, out of many higher schooling courses, you have to select one path on the way to be taken into consideration as a prelude on your destiny expert competencies. Moreover, you may choose a very new situation for higher training overseas. It isn’t not unusual in our united states however you can pick some thing that is important and in call for in the international context. However, it is better to choose a path of better schooling that’s in brilliant call for in our united states as well as overseas.

How to do student visa processing?

After being admitted in the educational institution, they have to reach the institution within the deadline mentioned in the offer letter or admission permit sent by them. Otherwise admission will be canceled. So you have to collect the visa of that country before the specified date. Although there are some differences between the countries of the world when it comes to issuing visas, almost all the rules are the same. In order to get a visa in any country, first you have to collect the visa application form of that country.
In some cases, educational institutions provide visa applications. If not, you have to collect the visa application form from the specific embassy and submit it to the embassy along with all the required documents with correct information and you have to collect the visa through interview on the specified day. Documents required for a visa are usually –
  • Educational Documents: Certificates, Number Sheets, Attested Photocopy of Certificate of Testimonial of the Head of the Institution.
  • Passport: Passport must be valid for at least 1 year and must match educational documents with occupation, date of birth and all other information . If you don’t have a passport, get one.
  • Certificate of admission or offer letter in educational institution.
  • Certificate of Financial Ability: See the details in the Application and Admission Processing section.
  • Photo: On a white background, it is better to have a smart and clear photo taken in clean and modest clothes and it is better to be colorful.
  • Bank draft of tuition fee: Tuition fee varies from institution to institution.
  • Certificate of Linguistic Proficiency: See Application and Admission Processing section.
  • Police clearance: It can be collected by contacting the respective police station for police clearance and paying a fixed fee.
    However, if you are accused of being involved in any illegal activity in the country, you will not get a police clearance.
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