About Global Star Ltd

Global Star Ltd,  a Bangladeshi based Overseas Educational Consultancy and Human Resource Exporter established in 2001, is dedicated to providing the best solutions for Study Abroad from Bangladesh  and Job Visa  for working people in Bangladesh. Global Star Limited is a leading foreign educational consultant and overseas Job provider  is known for providing the best advice and guidance to students and employers. Global Star Limited has been enrolling students and Job In Abroad  resources to the world’s top educational institutions and companies including the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, India, China and Malaysia. We make sure to determine the future of students and working people. In addition, Global Star has been providing low cost air tickets and all types of visas.

About Global Star

Why Choose Global Star Ltd for Study Abroad ?

If you’re looking for an enjoyable career in the near the future, and a top-quality education program is essential to the fulfillment of your career ambitions and dreams, then you should choose Global Star ltd, the pioneers in international education counseling. They will provide students with the most effective educational opportunities at prestigious universities across the world. A top education Consultancy  firm within Bangladesh, Global star ltd has placed thousands of students at famous universities around the globe . Over 20 years of dependable knowledge in the education counseling industry. Bangladesh’s most highly rated education consulting firm and has among the best rate of student visas being granted in the business. Highly skilled group of highly experienced and knowledgeable counselors that guide students through the admissions process and assist them in closing gaps between their current situation currently and where they want to be in the future. A student-centered strategy that is focused on individual care for each student instead of the traditional approach of a line.

Why Choose Global Star Ltd for Overseas Job ?

Global Star Ltd is one of the top Government certified Manpower Agencies in Bangladesh with License No. RL- 1718. that is registered under the Ministry of Welfare and Overseas Job  for  employment, which facilitates a professionally managed outflows of the workers from Bangladesh to foreign destinations. GSL is an active member of the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA). We have more than 1000 work visa success  for Bangladeshi people.  

Despite the numerous recruitment agencies operating in Bangladesh, GSL realized that there was an urgent need for a properly run recruitment agency that could make a connection between potential employers and potential employers and that’s how the company came to life. GSL’s overall philosophy has been to always strive for excellence , and it has evolved into the primary source for effective, competitive and reliable human resource solutions. The highly regarded position, the position in which Global Star Ltd is held today, is a testament to the level of success the company has had throughout the years.

Our service for students

  • Education Counselling

  • Follow-up & Securing Admission

  • Country/University & Course Selection

  • Visa Assistance & Guidance

  • Application Processing

  • Financial Advice

  • Pre-Departure Assistance

  • AirPort Pick-Up & Accommodation

Our service for Overseas Employment

  • Find out if you are eligible to work in your target countries

  • Give Proper Training

  • Arranged Interview 

  • Find and Select Job 

  • Network with family and friends in the country you wish to work

Our service for Air ticket And Tourism

  • Packages in Popular Destinations

  • Search for cheapest flights in popular route

  • Search for other Top Airlines